Sheet Sets for St. David’s Medical Center NICU

St. David’s NICU staff donates fabric to sewing volunteers.  A popular request is coordinated sets that include a receiving blanket/sheet (finished 30”x33”, flannel), a flannel frog cover (or 2-3) for a vinyl frog (positioning aide), a flannel gel pad cover (or 2; rectangular), and an eye cover (or several; 4”x8” or 5”x10” pieces of flannel, edges finished).  When the opportunity presents itself, make more frog covers in a set as opposed to more gel pad covers.  Always strive to make at least one blanket, one gel pad cover, one frog cover, and one eye cover.  Make more than one blanket for longer lengths of fabric.

Samples (photos not proportional to each other):

Receiving blanket/sheet:                                                       Gel pad cover (rectangular):

Frog cover:                                                            Eye cover: