Cat Duggan’s Quick Quilt

1.       Layer 2 pieces of fabric with a layer of batting (each approximately 36”x40” in size, about one yard of fabric each).  Place right sides of fabric together with the batting on top of one side.  Sew 1/2”-5/8” seam through all layers and around all sides, leaving ~8” open on one side for turning.

2.     Turn quilt right sides out.  Fold under seam allowance along the opening.  Stitch label ribbon along opening to finish quilt.  Ribbon can be used to write owner’s name in permanent ink, which is required by some institutions.  If desired, stitch through all layers ~1” from the edge on all sides to finish off the look of the quilt.

3.     Tie quilt layers together with buttons, yarn, or embroidery floss.  Buttons can be sewn on by machine.

VOILA!  You have made a quilt!