Hospital Shirts

Because preemies are so small, it is difficult to find hospital shirts to fit them. Sewing volunteers come to the rescue with their talents and caring hearts.

Be sure to check with your hospital contact before sewing hospital shirts. Some NICUs "dress" their babies and some don't. If a baby is in an isolette, they are usually burdened with a lot of medical equipment, and clothing them is not practical. These babies are kept warm by the isolette itself, so there may not be a need for clothes.

However, when a baby "graduates" out of an isolette and is able to maintain itself in a crib, some nurses enjoy dressing "their" babies in cute little hospital shirts with matching hats and booties, if they are fortunate to have such a creative sewing volunteer. Some hospitals prefer an open shoulder and side seam with ribbons for closures. Again, be sure to get your guidance on such issues from your hospital contacts.

Sample hospital shirt.  Note the open shoulder and side seams.

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