Bereavement Layettes

When there's been a loss in a hospital's NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) or nursery, sewing volunteers can provide families with beautiful, handmade bereavement layettes. Layettes usually include a gown (or pouch if the baby is too small to dress), bonnet, and blanket. Some volunteers include booties with their layettes.

To help families deal with their grief, nurses or social workers dress the loved one in either a burial gown or bereavement pouch (for babies who are too small to dress) and present the baby to the family for a few moments of privacy. This simple gesture eases the family's grief as they begin to grapple with their loss.

The following are images of bereavement layettes.

Baby dressed in bereavement pouch with bonnet Lace bereavement blanket, ~17 inches square Bunting Bunting illustration Drawstring gown with bonnet Bereavement shirt made with flannel

Here are directions for making a bereavement layette that contains a bereavement pouch, bonnet, and lace blanket.

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