Memory box lid construction (for 10”x10” lid):

1.       Cut card stock 9.75” square.

2.     Cut thin craft batting 9.25” square.

3.     Using Elmer’s glue or something similar (make sure the glue dries clear), glue the batting to the card stock.  Be sure to center the batting over the card stock.

4.     Cut lace fabric 11.5-12” square.

1.       Using a hot glue gun, glue the lace fabric, right side up, back side against the batting.  I secure the corners first, then the sides.  Miter the corners.


2.     Using a hot glue gun, glue pre-ruffled lace (approximately 44”/lid) around edge of lace-covered lid.  Glue lace to the wrong side of the card stock with just the lace sticking out past the edge of the lace-covered card stock.  Miter corners.


3.     Pull one or two floral units from a bridal sprig and wrap them together to make a small floral unit.

4.     Cut 1/8” ribbon 7” long and tie in a bow.

5.     Using a hot glue gun, glue a ribbon bow on a wrapped floral unit.

6.     Using a glue gun, put a small mount of hot glue on the back side of the assembled floral unit and place the floral unit (right side up) in one corner of the lid.


7.     Using a glue gun, glue the completed top to the top side of the box lid, centering the completed top on the lid.