Long Vinyl Bean Bag (60”, 44”, 30”)

Use 16-gauge vinyl (JoAnne’s Fabrics is a good source; $3.99/yd., which is 54” wide)

Stitch with rayon thread and long zig-zag stitch.

For 60” (44”, 30”) long bag, cut one vinyl piece 60.5” (44.5”, 30.5”) x 10.5” (7.5”).  Fold in half; cut slightly curved corners.  Sew all sides together, leaving opening at one end for filling.  Fill with 3.5 two-pound bags (1 bag=6 cups) of Polypellets.  Sew end shut.

For 60” (44”, 30”) flannel cover, cut one piece 61”(45”, 31”) x13” (8.5”).  Cut flap piece 6.5” (4.25”) x3.5” (2.5”).

Serge one long edge of flap piece.  Serge both flap piece and bean bag piece together along top edge, matching side seam on outside edge.  Fold bean bag piece in half lengthwise, right sides together.  Serge side seam and bottom seam.  Before turning right sides out, serge folded edge, encasing flap piece in the seam.  Turn right sides out.



Write hospital's name with permanent marker on flap folded to the outside, as shown above.