Crib Pads
Crib pads

Crib pad designed by Kimberly Bradley, artist and sewing volunteer.

Crib pads soften the bedding of babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). These bright pads also soften the emotions of those caring for these babies.

Crib pads are basically small quilts edged with pre-ruffled cotton eyelet lace. Cotton scraps may be used to piece the outside pieces. Cotton or low-loft quilt batting scraps may be used for the "filling" layer. Pre-ruffled cotton eyelet lace is preferred because of its softness.

Finished size: approximately 10-12" W x 14"-18" L


  • Scrap fabrics (soft cotton only)
  • Batting (cotton or low-loft)
  • Pre-ruffled lace (soft cotton eyelet preferred)
  1. Cut strips from scrap fabric (any soft material from cotton weave to cotton knit):
    width from 3"-3.5" (1/4" seams included)
    lengths vary, but keep them 14.5" to 18.5" as a minimum

  2. Sew four strips together; press seams to one side.

  3. Cut pieced fabric (the "front") to approximately 12"x18", with the striped pieces running the long way.

  4. Sew pre-ruffled lace around edge of stripped piece:
    place right sides together with edge of lace even with raw edge of stripped piece and baste; allow extra lace around corners for miter; fold under 1/4" of lace at end and overlap beginning lace

  5. Use solid piece of fabric for the "back". Cut approximately 12"x18".

  6. Cut batting slightly larger to allow for creep when sewing around the edge.

  7. Lay the front and back pieces right sides together and place batting against one side.

  8. Stitch all three layers together, leaving a 4"-6" opening on one side for turning.

  9. Turn pad right sides out; turn under 1'4" at opening, and stitch opening closed.

  10. Quilt the pad by stitching-in-the-ditch along the strips on the front; start and stop stitching about 1" from each edge.

VOILA! You have made a beautiful crib pad to donate to your local NICU.