Gel Pad Cover Instructions


There are two pieces to a gel pad cover. One piece is 7 1/4" x 11 1/4" (flap piece; includes 1/4" seam). The other piece is 7 1/4" x 9" (flapless piece; includes 1/4" seam). Cut each piece with the straight of grain running the length of the piece for strength.


1.       Serge the top edge of both the flap and non-flap pieces.  (“Flap” piece is on left; “non-flap” piece is on the right.)  Trim threads even with raw edge.

2.     Sew a label on the right side of the flap piece, placing the label near the serged edge approximately mid-way.  Use a straight stitch.

3.     Place non-flap piece on flap piece, right sides together, matching the bottom edges.  Mark flap piece at top of non-flap piece (first picture).  Using this mark as a guide, fold down the flap on the flap piece right sides together (second picture), making sure the non-flap piece ends up on top of the flap (third picture).

4.     Serge around the three raw edges.  Thread loose thread ends back through the seam just made.  Trim threads.

5.     Turn right sides out.