Huggie Pillow Instructions



* Materials Needed:

100% Cotton Fabric/Polar Fleece
(washed and in Kid-Friendly Colors/Prints)


poly-fil Stuffing


Huggie Pillows are approximately 9" by 12" finished size.

Each completed pillow (stuffed) weighs approximately 6 oz.


* Sewing:

* Cut two pieces of fabric, each 9.5 by 12.5
(includes seam allowance).

* Put right sides together.

* Sew or serge all 4 sides, leaving a 4" opening on one side
for stuffing.

* Turn, stuff & blind stitch the opening closed.


* Hints:

* Press fabric before cutting or sewing.

* Material such as flannel, broad cloth and
low-pile fur is acceptable.

* Variation: use solid fabric for back
of pillow and print for front of pillow.

* poly-fil brand stuffing is the best.
Wal-Mart sells it in
5lb. boxes.