Assembly of DCMC/PICU Swing Chair Pad Cover


1.       make buttonholes; cut open

2.     serge tongue pieces together around outside edge

3.     zig-zag tongue foot together (zig-zag settings: 4.0W/4.0L)

4.     insert completed tongue through buttonhole on front middle piece (BUTTONHOLE ON TONGUE FACING OUT!)

5.     lay tongue foot flat against wrong side of front piece

6.     zig-zag tongue foot around outside edge (zig-zag settings: 4.0W/4.0L)

7.     zig-zag around tongue opening

8.     serge center front piece to side pieces; leave 2 opening for buckle

9.     serge center front seam on the outside piece

10.  serge outside piece onto front center section (from 8 above)

11.   Delete? (make buttonhole on back bottom piece)

12.  serge edges to be finished on back pieces, including neck on both front and back top pieces

13.  sew garment label on back top piece, near serged bottom edge

14.  pin back pieces in place (lay pins within the seam allowance)

15.  serge all around