Camisole Assembly Instructions

Serger (use narrow 3-thread setting):

1. Serge around all edges of back.

2. Pockets:

a. Top: serge across top & bottom edges only

b. Bottom: serge top & center front edges only

3. Place pockets right side out on inside of fronts.

4. Serge around all edges of each front. (start at bottom of center front)

5. Straps: fold wrong sides together lengthwise; serge all raw edges together.

Sewing Machine:

1. Label (straight stitch): stitch on right side of back, center top.

2. Straps (zig zag stitch/ 4.0Wx4.0L): solidly attach one end of strap to top edge of back (one strap on each side).

3. Sew (straight stitch) soft side of short Velcro piece to wrong side of the loose end of each strap.

4. Pockets (straight stitch):

a. Top: stitch across bottom edge only (leave top open)

b. Bottom: stitch down center front side only (leave top open)

5. Sew soft side of long Velcro piece to wrong side of the right hand center front.

6. Make bow: cut 10 of ribbon. Tie half knot at each cut end. Tie bow, making center knot tight.

7. Sew ribbon down (straight or zig-zag through center knot) to the right side of center front top.

8. Side seams (straight stitch): with wrong sides together, stitch fronts to back at sides from armhole to top of bottom pocket (leave rest of seam open). Lay seam flat and zig-zag down with wide stitch (4Wx4L).

9. Sew (straight stitch) rough side of short Velcro pieces to right side of each front shoulder.

10. Cover rough sides of Velcro pieces with matching soft side pieces to prevent snags.

11. Sew (straight stitch) rough side of long Velcro piece to right side of the left center front.

12. Cover rough side of Velcro piece with matching soft side to prevent snags.

13. Fold neatly.